Difficulties of maintaining personal blog

I have tried to start my personal blog several times. 2 or 3 attempts were done using Livejournal platform and I have even forgotten my nicknames.

And now I make new attempt to start it. Why now? I have become experienced in many niches and want to share my knowledge about life, psychology, business. It is my need.

I write my articles thoroughly. I don’t like to edit them several times, but try to write something interesting and exciting directly from my head. Writing an interesting article can take up to several days (when we speak about articles, not short messages like Twitter fans like).

Well-known social networks like Facebook or VK provide us with great messaging and networking opportunities. I started to use them on a daily basis since 2013-2014. But as my articles are usually long, social networks format isn’t a best deal. More of that, notes you use to publish at social networks sink among updates. When you have a standalone blog, it’s easier to search for concrete articles. It’s my own articles database.

So I draw my own design template, coded it and integrated WordPress. Sometimes I like to make something with my hands and it’s not only about real life.

What I will post here will cover at least the following categories: mobile commerce, payments and content; internet projects development and promotion; events and journeys; life stories. There will be no success cases, informational products, network marketing.

People use to think that they could clone someone’s success, becoming a subscriber of the next “internet guru”. I don’t share that vision and don’t follow such well-known influencers like Branson, Covi, Vujchich, etc. Each of us is an individual. Influencer’s success comes from a variety of random factors and luck and there is no way to have the same.


I don’t promise you to be completely transparent here, just because a big part of information that is interesting for you is under the NDA or can be too personal to share it with the community. In the end, you need to leave something for conjecture and occasions for gossip.

To discuss my articles with my audience, I use Facebook integrated comments. I appreciate your comments and shares, staying opened for any discussions.

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