Hey! My name is Andrey. I was born in Minsk at 1983 (Belarus was a part of USSR).

I was calm, patient and inquisitive. Text was my passion from the very beginning of my life, so I started my education in the gymnasium with advanced English studying. I have also learned German and was even able to speak it, but lack of practice during 20 years killed my knowledge.

I liked to write poems (my texts have been broadcasted on the radio). I’m sure my orientation to poetry was instilled by my grandma, who knew tens of poems and liked to read them.

At the age of 14 I moved to рhysics and mathematics class. Mathematics wasn’t my enthusiasm. I aspired to natural science, including biology and human genetics. So it’s easy for me to determine mutants 🙂

At 2000 I was graduated and became a student of Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. I was student’s group head. But during that years I was more interested in PvP games (like CS 1.6), music, parties and beer, what caused bad results during my first session. I had to change my university to Modern Knowledge Institute, where I completed first year with no problems. But it was extremely boring, so I tried to get back to the university and done that.

I spent 2 more years trying to be a good student, but… let’s say it isn’t my way. At 2003 I started my career as a IT sales manager.

I like everything connected with computers, networks, internet projects. All my positions belonged to the IT sphere, including internet advertising, sales, negotiations, network administration, website and services development and mobile.

At 2006 I was the head of design and marketing department of Interactel AG, the norwegian content provider company. That was my first step to mobile traffic acquisition and monetization.

At 2007 I developed aggregation business in Russia. Being the CEO of Russian Billing LLC, together with my team I made that company number 1 player in Russia within a year. I was deeply involved in mobile market development and innovation. I visited conferences and was a speaker several times.

Later I was involved in such projects as MoneyRender, Profit Bill, Billing8, ElHobo, TheLove, FreeFolder.

At 2012 I founded 7Version, a group of companies who developed and promoted websites. I was the company head until 2015, when I joined RGK Group. My focus completely got back to mobile payments.

During recent years I am the one who setup connections for RGK, operating as the company Chief Business Officer and Business Development Partner. Having great experience in mobile niche, I am sure that RGK today is #1 team of outstanding specialists.

I speak Russian and English. I can have a talk in Spanish and German, Polish and Czech.

I am married(my relations started at 2005). I like thinking, diving, new technologies, russian billiard, fishing.